Theatre in conflict and crisis zones


The workshop will provide a taster of the curriculum and objective of the Certificate in Advanced Studies (CAS) „Intercultural Theatre Practice in Conflict Zones“ that will start in the second half of 2019 in cooperation with the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. The course will consider such issues as:

What is needed in order to put on drama in conflict and crisis zones? 

Can inter-cultural theatre bring about lasting developments in society? 

What should be done if people speak different languages?  Moreover, how can people find common ground if they don't speak a common language? 

How can we tackle inequality and the balance of power in our inter-cultural and international cultural activities? 

How can different religious or cultural backgrounds, as well as different genders, enrich the work of an ensemble or group of creative artists? 

Where do we draw the line between interest and prurience, between helping and exploiting?

The Swiss International Theatre Institute/UNESCO places its emphasis on theatrical work in conflict and crisis zones, both nationally and internationally. The experienced director Anina Jendreyko (Volksbühne Basel) and Daniel Bausch, who has worked as a lecturer at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri for ten years, will lead practical exercises in this area and moreover will offer an exciting insight into the programme of this Certificate in Advanced Studies and the activities of ITI Worldwide (

Please dress comfortably.

The workshop is sold out!